Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mic Check 1-2, 1-2! Is This Thing On?
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*taps mic*  Hello! Is this thing on .... *clears throat* Okay there it is...

The Radio! Whether we are in our cars, at home cleaning up the house or even better singing while in the shower, the radio has played a major role in our lives in some shape, form or fashion. From the music to the talk shows to sports broadcast we all have a favorite station that we listen too but have you ever taken a moment and realized that the radio is much more than just the sounds of music and voices smothering our ears. The faces and people behind the scenes are  known as "disc- jockey" or even "host"  and help to make up a large percentage of what makes listening to the radio such an enjoyable and addicting experience.

Some of the top radio talk show hosts that you may or may not know of all got their start in the field somewhat at an early age.

Howard Stern

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One of the most controversial and well-known radio talk show host is none other than Howard Stern. Born in  Jackson Heights, New York, January 12, 1954 he graduate from Boston University with a degree in Communications according to He is known as the first official "Shock- Jock" and from his sarcastic and witty remarks no wonder many people, both fans and critics can't help but to to be drawn in to the antics of  talk show guru Howard Stern. He is said to be one of  the highest paid host in radio, signing a whooping $500 million 5- year  contract with SIRIUS satellite radio in 2005 according to and continues to make the big bucks as his show is still popular among listeners.

As I look into my future and the opportunities that I have right now in front of me I see many possibilities to becoming apart of the list of one of the many great talk show host of our time.

Hope to see you there! ;)

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