Sunday, October 14, 2012

What inspired you to become a Radio Talk Show Host?

Hello ... It's me again here to discuss my pursuit towards my dream job in becoming a radio talk show host. Alot of people including teachers, my parents, friends, family, etc. have asked me why do I feel so compassionate about being a Radio Talk show host.

I can remember all the way back to Kindergarten where  we had a daily broadcast of news and events that happened around the community and in the school. Although I may not have understood everything  that they were saying I stared at the screen, straining my eyes trying my hardest to read their lips. For some reason the allure of being able to be on t.v. screens for everyone to see you and you have their undivided attention attracted me and a light bulb went off in my head.... "I want to do that" I exclaimed.

Within a few weeks I finally got my chance to be the center of attention, the one that everyone had their eye on... and trust me, I had alot to show. In the middle of the broadcast there was a segment for the Kindergartners to show off their dance "moves"  to song "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" by Mcfadden and Whitehead (Old School I know). I can remember vividly as I walked and stood right in front of the camera as I danced like it was the last time I was going to dance in my life. Looking back on it, to some it may have seemed like I was having a seizure.. haha... but I didn't care because it was exactly what I wanted... to be in the spotlight.

But that wasn't the last time that I would be in front of the camera.

In 8th grade I was part of the school broadcast team and although I can admit I may not have been the best reporter I can say that I gained a lot of experience of what it is like to work in front of the camera and behind the scenes. I learned that keeping your composure in front a camera knowing that 1,000 of your peers are watching your ever move can be a bit intimidating and to just stay focused on reading your script and being as calm as possible helps a lot. Behind the scenes I learned how crucial it is to set marks and cues for things such as switching the background or when to play a recording it, as every little detail and second counts in making a broadcast flow smoothly.

Occasionally I watch shows such as Montel

Now my desire to be in front of the camera has slowly faded.. haha... as I am more laid-back and reserved than I once was but being able to have my own radio show where I can talk about whatever I want and have deep, intellectual or even outrageous conversations is what has drawn me to become a Radio Talk Show Host.

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  1. Cameron, I love the fact that you are truly shooting for the stars and going after what you want to do! I to am also doing the same thing and it seems like you've known what you've wanted to do since you knew what was going on television, I know you will succeed because it's what you truly have desire for. i wish you the best of luck and I love your blog!